Thrill in Living a GYPSY Life- We humans are gypsies by birth and try to live as gypsies all our lifetime. Some call it a search for a better opportunity, some call it ‘love for adventure’ and still some call it ‘taking a break from busy schedules.

Gypsy Life-Explained:

The fact of the matter is that our inner self is always finding the excuse to dwell in the wilderness away from the orderly to the domain of disorderly or super orderly mother nature. This venture into the gypsy fold helps us in ‘discovering and connecting’ with our own inner self and explore our traces in a hidden wealth of nature that is an innate source of inner peace and harmony. During this struggle, some connect with the music that the birds, dry leaves, and waterfalls produce. Some identify with and fall in love with the beauty and serenity of the surroundings, some challenge the harshness and ruggedness of the wild mountains and deserts, and still, some explore the undersurface gems and jewels that mother nature produces.

My Childhood:

I was lucky to grow up in a nomadic family in the Karakorum Ranges and enjoyed my gypsy lifestyle on the yak’s back and horseback. Explored the Hunza valley along the Khunjerab summer pastures and viewed the splendid Marcopolo sheep, blue sheep, and ibex in their natural habitats.  Had to negotiate the wild steams and falling rocks along the routes and I had to take my own decisions on matters of life importance and survival using my own life skills that nature taught me. I loved my livestock and remembered their habits and lovely gestures; I learned an exchange of love from my livestock. Hate was nowhere to be found in a gypsy world and survival was linked to a love of nature and natural inhabitants. As I grew up, my gypsy soul pushed me to choose a career that was more in line with my love for adventure and wilderness.

Gypsy in Boots:

Army was the best fit for my passion, and I spent three decades in exploring all nooks and corners of my beloved Pakistan. My love for adventure sports took me on the ski slopes of Naltar and Dumail, and my fondness for wilderness invited me to the wild spaces around Fort Darawar (Cholistan), UmarKot (Thar), and Makran Coast. My liking for simple food took me to the Verna (sugarcane juice-making local machine) around villages of Central Punjab. At the twilight of my career, my passion for relearning and networking with future leaders led me to IBA Karachi for a master’s in business administration.  What else! one can ask for in life and in all humility, I thank God for his benevolence. That is the thrill in living a Gypsy Life

My Gypsy Experience and Team:

It is now time for this gypsy soul to connect the gypsy traces and let our younger friends explore their personal gypsy world in harmony with mother nature. Our hard-acquired experience and committed team may help our nature/adventure lovers in nurturing their inner connection with peace and love-driven nature exploration. Our geographical limits follow your instinct for research and exploration, we are available from Gawadar to Kunjerab Pass. Our team of Directors is a blend of professionals who bring unique experiences to our business and provide valuable input for better planning of our customized tours. A security management expert, a medical specialist, a senior lawyer, a retired teacher, a financial professional, and a young tour organizer make up our core team. This team is available for hands-on consultation on issues of mutual benefit/concern. Cultural tourism, religious tourism, ecological tourism, educational tourism, health tourism, and alpine trekking are our domains of activities. We offer special experience in making local foods by our food partner “Hunza Flames“. We are visible on all types of social media platforms for information and easy contact. The Thrilling lifestyle continues.

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