Skardu Valley is the home to the smiling people and mighty Karakorum Ranges, with K-2 mesmerizing its viewers with its splendid views and towering heights, attracting tourists from all over the world. Moreover, the roaring Indus River is born in this region, which flows through the country’s length and falls into the Arabian Sea near Karachi. It hosts the most significant glacial system out of the polar region and is Pakistan’s top tourist destination.

The beautiful waterfalls and glacial lakes are beautiful for visitors. Shangrila, Sarfranga, and Karpochu Fort are important landmarks in Skardu. The road from Skardu to Bunji is a mix of adventure and beauty. Ronda, Haramosh, and Alam Bridge are the prominent landmarks along the route; the Balti language is spoken till Rundu and from Haramosh Shina dialect starts.

The viewpoint of the three major mountain ranges is fascinating to geography students. The Karakorum is higher and snowcapped; the Himalayas is green and gentler. At the same time, the Hindukush is barren and rugged. Gilgit Baltistan’s famous places include this viewpoint on KKH near Jaglot, where the Skardu road also meets the KKH.

Why Visit Skardu Valley?
  • Adventure lovers can find extreme adventures through the length of the valley. Following are some of the powerful experiences that challenge the human capacity to endure, sustain and cherish for eternity: –
    • Climbing the world’s highest peaks, including K2, Gashbroom,
    and Mashabroom, and many others, is an extreme experience in human endurance and determination. The legendary mountaineer Nazir Sabir describes it as a beautiful and soul-lifting ‘spiritual experience’ though. Rafting in the wild Indus River is yet another extreme sport that some zealots prefer. Skiing from the top of the mountains down to the base camp is an experience only for the daring one. Trying your driving skills on the soft sands of ‘The
    • Sarfaranga Cold Desert’ is yet another thrilling experience in the valley.
    • Spending a lone wolf night at the ‘Deosai Plateau’ is also an exciting adventure to encounter the brown bear one to one.
  • Nature lovers can enjoy the vastness and flora of the Deosai Plateau, Mantokha waterfall, Khamush Waterfall, Shangrila lake, and many other scenic places.
Skardu Valley
  • The geography/geology/genealogy students can follow the traces of extracted mines along the western hills, from Haramosh to Skardu and beyond. They can find traces of Tibetan stocky men and women, the dancing and trancing folks of Kargil origin, and smiling indigenous Balties.
  • The “Wildlife Lovers,” including ‘Wildlife Photographers and ‘Trophy Hunters too, are interested in the areas. Skardu Valley is rich in wildlife, including brown bears, snow leopards, Astore Markhor, Ibex, wolf, and fox.
  •  ‘Deosai Plateau’ and surrounding areas are covered by the protected habitat of ‘Brown Bear’ and ‘Tharshoon’ (….). These magnificent animals are under threat of extinction, and the local public, with the help of the Governments and NGOs, is making concerted efforts to save them. Hunting of all types is banned in Deosai National park area. Deosai National Park is one of the best places in Pakistan to visit during the summer.
  • The corporate/marketing people may find the ‘Skardu Valley’ a lucrative investment opportunity in the hospitability and tourism services industry. 40% of the tourists visiting Gilgit Baltistan visit Skardu Valley. Skardu has an International Airport and is connected to five destinations within Pakistan. Skardu Valley has the best places to visit in Pakistan’s northern areas in all seasons.
  • Social scientists and women enthusiasts may be interested to see women still living a medieval lifestyle and excluded from social interactions. The Iranian revolution has caused some shadow on women’s empowerment in the region, and the religious elements are seen as a potential threat to women’s sports and entrepreneurship.
  • The Sportsperson and trackers may find it fascinating to pitch their determination, willpower, and physical strength against the tricky ascend/descent while approaching ‘The Baltoro glacier while approaching the K-2 base camp.
  • The mountaineers find ‘Skardu Valley,’ the mountaineer’s paradise. Five of the fourteen peaks with eight thousand heights are located in the Baltistan region (Skardu Valley). The beautiful slopes of K2 and Gashabrooms groups are mountaineers’ love affairs. It includes trekking to the base camp or climbing expeditions to the summit. Many beautiful souls made this place their eternal aboard and became part of the beautiful and soulful mountains during the expeditions. Ali Sadpara and John Snorri are the recent mountaineers who called it a day on the K-2 slops and left for eternity for eternal peace.
  • In 2022, the bottleneck highway fixed by the Sherpas helped over 100 mountaineers to summit K2 in two days alone,  including two Pakistani women climbers, Samina Beg and Naila Kayani.
  • Honeymoon couples find ‘Skadu Valley’ a rendezvous with peace and a smile. It is lovely, it is beautiful, it is naked, it is fragrant, and above all, it has privacy. They identify with the mesmerizing views of ‘The Deosai Plateau, Mantokha waterfall, Khamush waterfall, Shangrila’, and Shigar.
  •  Performing art lovers will find the ‘place of art and poetry all along Baltistan. The melodious voices of Khadim Hussain and other Balti singers are soul-touching and trancing.
When to Visit Skardu Valley:
  • ‘Skardu Valley is an all-weather visiting place. However, certain times/seasons are dedicated to unique visits.
  • Cherry Blossom Tours, from 10 Match to 10 May (10 March starts at Haramosh, and 15 May ends at Askoli.
  • Autumn Tours, 15 October to 30 November.
  • Winter Sports Tours, 20 December to 20 February.
  • Trophy Hunting Tours, 15 October to 15 April.
How to Visit Skardu Valley:
By AirIslamabad to Gilgit and by road to Skardu.
Islamabad to Skardu Lahore to Skardu Karachi to SkarduMultan to Skardu
By Road (Bus/Coaster/Car)Islamabad – Mansahra- Kaghan- Naran- Babusar pass – Chilas- Jaglot –  Skardu (follow Kaghan Valley -M 35)
Islamabad – Mansahra- Thakot – Besham – Dassu-  – Chilas- Jaglot – ‘Skardu’ (follow Indus valley – KKH)
Peshawar – Chitral – Shandur- Phandar – Gupis – Gilgit –Skardu’.
Kashgar – Tashkurgan – Khunjrab PASS – Sost Dry Port- Hunza – Gilgit- Skardu (From China Side)
Islamabad – Mansahra- Thakot – Besham – Dassu-  – Chilas- Raikot Bridge- Astore- Chilim- Deosai – ‘Skardu’ (follow Indus valley – KKH/ Kaghan Valley)
Pakistan’s famous places – Skardu Valley
  • Shangrila Lake – Shangrila Resorts
  • Karpuchu Fort
  • Shigar Fort – Serena Hotel
  • Khaplu Fort – Serena Hotel
  • Deosai Plateaus
  • Skardu Sadpara Lake
  • K2 mountain
  • Baltoro glaciers
  • Mashabroom
  • Safaranga Cold Desesrt
  • Mantoka Waterfall
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