Shandur Polo Festival is an annual summer season event at the world’s highest polo ground (elevation: 3700 meters). The Shandur Pass is an elevated plain that connects Chitral Valley with Ghizer Valley (Gilgit) pass has a beautiful polo ground where a unique wild free-style polo is played amongst the six selected teams of Chitral Valley and Gilgit Valley (three teams from Chitral Valley and three teams from Gilgit Valley).

It is celebrated across gender, party, and race lines. Everyone is a polo fan at Shandur Polo Ground and enjoys the thrill of the game. It is always a treat to witness the event. The music, the trained horses, the chivalrous players, and the cheering polo fans all make a fantastic feat. The polo players have hero status in the region as these great players of extraordinary skills and cleanest conduct on/off the field have earned them this hero status.

Important Landmarks along the Tour Route

Gilgit Lahore- Kura Salt Mines – Katas raj -Islamabad – Taxila –  Peshawar – Mardan- Charsada- Takhtbai- Malakand- Swat – Malamjaba.

History of the Shandur Polo Festival

The Shandur Polo ground was pioneered by Ali Sher Anchan (1490 – 1525) after conquering Chitral. The annual Shandur Polo Festival dates back to 1936 and continues to date without interruption.

Highlights of the tour
Witness the free-style polo match between the Chitral Valley and Gilgit Valley teams on the world’s highest polo field.
Enjoy fishing and trout fish feast at the trout lake Shandur.
Experience the serenity of the connecting valleys while crossing Malakand Pass, Lawari Pass, Shandur Pass, Khunjrab Pass, and Babusar Pass.
Follow the young and wild  Chitral River, Gilgit River, Indus River, and Kunar River, and dare to negotiate if you have the safety gear.
The mesmerizing and inviting lakes of Shandur, Phandar, Khalti, Attabad, Lulusar, and Saif ul Maluk will refresh your journey.
Music, dance, and smiling are the passion you may share with the locals.
The ancient rock carving and history traces can also be observed along these ancient caravan routes.
Local foods and drinks will take care of your appetite; try them out.
Some interesting facts about the Shandur Polo Festival

Shandur Polo Tournament is about the supremacy of the two contesting valleys – Chitral and Gilgit. Till the following year’s tournament, this remains the discussion point in all the social gatherings in both glens.

Shandoor Polo Match
Shandur Polo Festival
The ‘Shandur Polo Festival’ Tour Package

Shandur Polo Festival” is an annual calendar activity Played during the first 15 days of July. Gypsy Traces & Tours will be pleased to plan your tour to the Shandur Polo Festival and surrounding places of tourist interest.

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