Here is the answer to Why should you Visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan. The Meadows is situated in the Northern region of Pakistan. Nature has made special arrangements to view the splendor and mesmerizing beauty of Nanga Parbat Diamer’s face by creating “Fairy Meadows Pakistan.” It is an elevated ground surrounded by beautiful fir, dwarf pine, silver birch trees, and trickling down streams culminating in a beautiful small lake. The lush green surrounding with a profusion of wild fragrant flowers makes the experience of this Nanga Parbat view (Moh Dikaie /face showing) a soul-lifting experience.

The aesthetically built tourist cottages and overall ambiance add to the pleasant experience for a tourist. Raikot bridge on KKH is the RV (Rendezvous) for the tourist traveling to ‘the Fairy Meadows Pakistan,’ and it is a jeepable road till halfway (one hour), and the rest is tracking on foot (three hours) or horseback.

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‘The Meadows’ is a summer pasture, and you can buy milk, butter, and local cheese from the local sellers, however after September till April, it is without people, and the intended traveler has to make prior arrangements for his tour, which is possible with the help of a tour operator. Of late, tourists are showing interest in spending ‘Christmas’ and ‘New year’ at Fairy Meadows Pakistan to enjoy the peaceful snow view of Nanga Parbat and surrounding areas.

Why Visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan
  • Adventure lovers can find extreme adventures closer to the main road, including rock climbing, glacier/snow trekking, mountaineering, and horse/Zo (yak) riding.
  • Nature lovers can enjoy the serenity of the magnificent Nanga Parbat (naked ridge). They can imitate the fairies dwelling on the white snow in search of a trusted friend like you. The ‘flora and fauna on the high pastures of the ‘The Meadows gives you a soothing fragrance, a soul-lifting experience.
  • The geography/geology/genealogy students can follow the traces of ancient gypsies found along the routes leading to the meadows, at the fields, and beyond the areas to ‘Nanga Parbat.’ The place has changed names, cultures, and stories but stayed as a love rendezvous for all as a ‘constant factor.’
  • The ‘Timber Mafias’ too are interested in the areas; the ‘Fairy Meadow Pakistan’ and the surrounding regions are covered by fir, dwarf pine, and silver birch trees that make a good sale at the timber and furniture market. So it is a real threat that needs to be countered aggressively.
  • The corporate/marketing people may find the ‘The Meadows’ a lucrative investment opportunity in the hospitability and tourism services industry.
  • Social scientists and women enthusiasts may be interested to see women still living a medieval lifestyle and excluded from social interactions.
  • The Sportsperson may find it fascinating to pitch your determination, willpower, and physical strength against the tricky ascend/descent while approaching ‘The Meadows.’
  • The mountaineers find ‘Fairy MeadowsPakistan’ heaven for mountaineering. The beautiful slopes of Raikot’s face of ‘Nanga Parbat’ is a mountaineer’s love affair. It includes trekking to the base camp or climbing expeditions to the summit. Many beautiful souls made this place their eternal aboard and became part of the killer mountain during the trips.
  • Honeymoon couples find ‘Fair Meadows’ a name to identify with. It is lovely; it is naked, fragrant, and above all, it has privacy. They identify with the mesmerizing views of ‘Fairy Meadows Pakistan and the panoramic view of ‘Nanaga Parbat’ which adds happiness and joy to their newfound relationship.
  •  The performing art lovers will find the ‘Rainbow Chaha Dancer’ at your visit to The Meadows and can learn some fascinating dance steps from him on the tunes of ‘Karay Karay”.
When to Visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan:

Fairy Meadows’ is recommended for a visit from 1 May to 30 October; however, with prior special arrangements, the place can be visited throughout the year.

How to Visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan:

You can visit the meadows in multiple ways, either by road or by air.

Visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan By Air

Islamabad to Gilgit and by road to ‘Fairy Meadows.’

Islamabad to Skardu and by road to Jaglot and ‘Fairy Meadows.’ Lahore to Skardu and by road to Jaglot and ‘Fair Meadows.’ Karachi to Skardu and by road to Jaglot and ‘the Meadows.’

Visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan By Road (Bus/Coaster/Car)

Islamabad – Mansahra- Kaghan- Naran- Babusar pass – Chilas- Raikot Bridge – ‘The Meadows’ (follow Indus valley – KKH)

Islamabad – Mansahra- Thakot – Besham – Dassu – Chilas- Raikot Bridge – ‘The Meadows’ (follow Kaghan Valley -M 35)

Peshawar – Chitral – Shandur- Phandar – Gupis – Gilgit – Raikot Bridge-‘The Meadows’.

Kashgar – Tashkurgan – Khunjrab PASS – Sost Dry Port- Hunza – Gilgit- Raikot Bridge-‘Fairy Meadows Pakistan’ (From China Side)

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