In the heart of Southern Punjab lies the Cholistan desert, Pakistan’s largest desert spanning over 25,000 sq. km. A bygone era whispers through its sands, once a fertile plain caressed by the Ghaggar River during the Indus Valley Civilization.

The Magnificent Derawar Fort:

Amidst this arid expanse stands the magnificent Derawar Fort, a testament to ancient glory. Its colossal walls and the nearby Derawar Mosque, a marble marvel, create an awe-inspiring panorama. Further south, the Channan Pir shrine adds a spiritual touch, transforming the desert during festivals. Experience the captivating allure of Cholistan, where history, architecture, and spirituality converge seamlessly. Join the annual Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally, Pakistan’s premier motorsports event.

Forts In Cholistan Desert:

Other than Derawar Fort, there are the following forts of various sizes in Cholistan located on the banks of the lost Ghaggar River:-

  • Islamgarh Fort
  • Mirgarh Fort
  • Jamgarh Fort
  • Mojgarh Fort
  • Marot Fort
  • Phoolra Fort
  • Khangarh Fort
  • Khairgarh Fort
  • Nawankot Fort
  • Bijnot Fort
Tour Attractions:

Discover Cholistan, Pakistan’s largest desert, where ancient history meets breathtaking architecture. Explore the Derawar Fort, witness the grandeur of the Derawar Mosque, and feel the spiritual energy at Channan Pir shrine. Immerse yourself in the annual Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally, a thrilling motorsports spectacle. Unearth the mystique of Cholistan – a timeless journey through the sands of history.