Step into the past at the City Museum Karavan Serai, housed in a room from the Sher Shah Suri Yusafzai era (1550). Reconstructed during Shah Jehan’s reign (1650), under Governor Ali Mardan Khan in Peshawar, this museum offers a journey through time. Ali Mardan Khan, builder of the Mahabat Khan Mosque, left an indelible mark on Peshawar’s history.

Gor Khatri Complex:

Originally part of the Gor Khatri complex, a Karavan Serai on Sher Shah Suri Road, this museum unveils artifacts from the Pashtun and Mughal eras. Despite its treasures, it leaves room for a deeper exploration of the rich history of Pakhtunkhwa and its influential rulers.

Tour Attractions of City Museum Karavan Serai:

Discover the City Museum Karavan Serai, a historical gem in Peshawar, Pakistan, offering insights into the Pashtun and Mughal heritage. Uncover the legacy of Ali Mardan Khan and explore artifacts from the Sher Shah Suri Yusafzai era (1550), reconstructed under Shah Jehan in 1650.


While the museum provides a glimpse into the past, it prompts a desire for a more comprehensive exploration of Pakhtunkhwa’s fascinating history. Explore the Kabuli Door and the significance of Peshawar in the Kabul Province as you delve into the cultural tapestry of this region.