Delve into the intellectual sanctuary of the Central Library at the International Islamic University, nestled in Sector H-10, Islamabad. Established alongside the university, the library found its home in a new two-story building in July 2006, becoming a hub for academic exploration.

Facilities Overview at the Central Library :

Discover the extensive resources housed within the library, from the Circulation Desk to specialized corners like Gosha-e-Iqbal and Jinnah Corner. The ground floor hosts essential services, including the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) terminals, while the first floor offers a plethora of resources, including the IT Lab and United Nations Information Resource Center (UNIRC).

Operational Schedule:

To accommodate patrons, the library extends full services to females on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and to males on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Limited services are available on alternate days.

Tour Description:

Explore the wealth of knowledge at Central Library, International Islamic University, Islamabad. From specialized corners to IT labs, the library offers a comprehensive array of resources. Tailored services on specific days ensure a seamless experience for patrons. Immerse yourself in a world of learning and research. Be mindful of the fact that a trained tour guide will be required to afford a hassle-free tour.