Chinji National Park, designated as an IUCN category II (national park) in 1987, unfolds its wonders near Chinji Town in District Talagang, Punjab, Pakistan. Encompassing 6,095 hectares (15,061 acres). The deeply eroded land of Chinji consists of sandstone to igneous rocks, combined with small deposits of rock salt from the Salt Range. Deep torrential streams and ravines slope into the Soan River, which passes through the area.

Access for Tourists:

This protected haven is a stone’s throw from the Salt Range, Uncover the ecological treasures, rich biodiversity, and scenic allure of Chinji in a comprehensive tour package and tour guide by ‘Gypsy Tours & Traces‘. Distances from various population centers are as under:-

  • Islamabad – 130 km
  • Lahore – 300 km
  • Kalar Kahar – 57 km
  • Chakwal -50 km
  • Talagang – 28 km
  • Mianwali – 128 km
Tour Attractions of Chinji National Park :

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Chinji National Park. Explore the park’s wonders, biodiversity, and proximity to the Salt Range. A must-read visit place for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike!