If you’re planning a trip to Pakistan, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to obtain a visa. A visa is a legal document that allows you to enter and stay in the country for a specified period. Depending on your country of origin, obtaining a visa for Pakistan may require some extra documentation, such as a visa invitation letter.

A Pakistan visa invitation letter is a formal letter that serves as an invitation to visit Pakistan. It is typically issued by a Pakistani citizen, a business or organization based in Pakistan, or a travel agency like Gypsy Traces & Tours (www.gypsytours.pk). The letter is sent to the visa applicant and must be included with the visa application.

The purpose of a visa invitation letter in Pakistan is to provide evidence that the applicant has been invited to visit Pakistan for a specific reason. This could be for business, tourism, or visiting family and friends. The letter should include details of the purpose of the visit, the dates of the visit, and any other relevant information.

To obtain a Pakistani visa invitation letter from Gypsy Traces & Tours, simply visit our website at www.gypsytours.pk and fill out the necessary information. We company will then provide you with a letter that you can include with your visa application.

It’s important to note that a visa invitation letter does not guarantee that your visa application will be approved. The decision to approve a visa is made by the Pakistani government, and they will consider a variety of factors when making their decision.

In summary, if you’re planning a trip to Pakistan and require a visa invitation letter, Gypsy Traces & Tours (www.gypsytours.pk) can provide this document for you. However, it’s important to remember that obtaining a visa can be a complex and time-consuming process, so be sure to allow plenty of time to complete all the necessary steps.

Policy for Issuing Visa Invitation Letter

Gypsy Traces and Tour does not sell visa invitation letters to individuals. It is mandatory to book services with us such as Tour Guides, Hotel Booking, and Guided Tours. Any tourist who gets any of the services with us qualifies to obtain a visa invitation from us.

  1. When we invite someone, it means they’ll be joining our organized tour. This means we’re responsible for their safety during their stay.
  2. If they change their plans after getting their visa, it could cause problems for both of us, even if we’re not directly involved in what they do
  3. Giving out invitation letters to people, not on our tour could confuse immigration officials and make our business look bad.
  4. We always want to be honest and clear in our business. That’s why we make sure all our paperwork matches why someone is visiting
  5. We’re part of the Pakistan Association of Tour Operators, where we talk about these things. They don’t encourage us to give out invitation letters without a tour booking
  6. While we’re not just trying to get more business, we’re happy to help them book a tour and give them the right paperwork if they want to join us.

Table of Contents for Visa Invitation Letter for Pakistan
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List of Countries for Visa on Arrival(Tourist)

S.NoCountry Name
10Costa Rica
28New Zealand
33Saint Kitts and Nevis
34Saint Lucia
35Saudi Arabia
38Sri Lanka
44Trinidad & Tobago
48Western Samoa
50United States
51United Kingdom
58Russian Federation
62Republic of Korea
63South Africa

FAQs – Visa Invitation Letter

Q: What is a Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa?

A: A Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa is a document that is required by the Pakistan government for those who wish to visit the country for tourism, business, or other purposes. This document is provided by a host or a sponsor who is based in Pakistan.

Q: Who needs to provide a Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa?

A: Any foreign national who wishes to visit Pakistan for tourism, business, or other purposes may need to provide a Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa. However, the specific requirements may vary depending on the country of the applicant.

Q: Who can provide a Visa Invitation Letter for a Pakistan Visa?

A: A Visa Invitation letter for a Pakistan Visa can be provided by a host or a sponsor who is based in Pakistan. This may be a Tour Company, a business, or an organization. Contact www.gypsytours.pk for visa invitation letters. We only provide letters to individual who is booking services with us.

Q: What information should be included in visa invitation letter for a Pakistan Visa?

A: A Visa Invitation Letter for a Pakistan Visa should include the full name of the applicant, Passport Details, the purpose of the visit, the dates of the visit, the place of stay in Pakistan, and the name and contact information of the host or sponsor. It should also include an invitation statement, indicating that the host is inviting the applicant to visit Pakistan and that the host will be responsible for the applicant during their stay.

Q: Is a Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa a mandatory requirement for obtaining a visa?

A: Yes, sometimes a Visa Invitation Letter for a Pakistan Visa is a mandatory requirement, but it may not be required in certain circumstances. It is recommended to check with the Pakistan embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of residence to determine the specific requirements. You can also check with the staff of Gypsy Traces & Tours.

Q: How can I obtain a visa invitation Letter for a Pakistan Visa?

A: A Letter of Invitation/ Visa Invitation Letter for a Pakistan Visa can be obtained from a host or sponsor who is based in Pakistan. The host or sponsor should provide the applicant with a signed and stamped letter on their official letterhead. Contact www.gypsytours.pk or letter of invitation for a Pakistan visa.

Q: How long does it take to obtain visa invitation Letter for a Pakistan Visa?

A: The time it takes to obtain a Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa is only 1 hour if you get your invitation letter from www.gypsytours.pk and pay the fee online. You should also confirm and pay advance payment for the Tour/ Guide/ Hotel. Without services there is no invitation.

Q: Is a Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa a guarantee of obtaining a visa?

A: No, a Letter of Invitation for a Pakistan Visa does not guarantee that a visa will be granted. The decision to grant a visa is at the discretion of the Pakistan embassy or consulate, and the applicant must still meet all other requirements for obtaining a visa.

Q: What is the fee for a visa invitation Letter?

A: USD 150 is the fee for obtaining a Pakistan Visa Invitation Letter. You have to book your transportation, guide, or accommodation with us.

Pakistan Visa Letter of Invitation

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