Situated in the Swat Valley, the Shingardar Stupa in Barikot stands as a poignant relic from the Buddhist era. Commissioned by King Uttarasena, this ancient structure encases a portion of Buddha’s relics. Identified by Colonel Deane and S.A. Stein, its origin myth narrates the miraculous transformation of an elephant carrying Buddha’s remains into stone.


Despite controversy over its location, the Shingardar boasts remarkable structural features. The lower drum, adorned with pilasters and cornices, leads to an impressive dome, reaching a total height of 27m. Excavation is crucial for its preservation. For history enthusiasts, the Stupa beckons—a testament to Swat’s rich archaeological heritage.

Shingardar Stupa Tour Attractions :

Embark on a historical journey to Swat Valley‘s Shingardar Stupa, an ancient marvel built by King Uttarasena. Uncover the mystique of Buddha’s relics and explore the stupa’s intricate structure. Immerse yourself in archaeology and history—plan your visit now!