Hunza valley is located in the northern part of Pakistan, the Hunza Valley is a breathtaking destination at an altitude of 2,438 meters above sea level. It is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, including verdant valleys, glaciers, and snow-capped peaks, as well as a rich cultural heritage with unique dialects, customs, and traditions. The hospitable locals, trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and historical sites make it a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts and culture buffs. Whether it’s exploring local bazaars, enjoying traditional dance and music, or discovering the ancient Silk Route, the Hunza Valley offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Places to Visit in Hunza Valley
  1. Karimabad: The main town in Hunza Valley, Karimabad is a great base for exploring the region. Visit the Baltit Fort and Altit Fort to delve into the local history.
  2. Hunza Valley Viewpoint Duikar: A short hike or drive to this viewpoint offers panoramic views of the Hunza Valley and surrounding peaks.
  3. Attabad Lake: This turquoise gem was formed after a massive landslide in 2010 and offers boating and stunning photo opportunities.
  4. Passu Cones: Unique and jagged peaks in Passu village are a photographer’s dream.
  5. Gojal Valley: Explore the charming villages of Gojal, such as Ghulkin, Hussaini, and Gulmit, and engage with the friendly locals.
  6. Khunjerab Pass: Khunjerab is the highest paved border crossing globally, offering breathtaking views and access to China’s Xinjiang region.
  7. Borith Lake: A serene high-altitude lake near Gulmit, perfect for picnics and relaxation.
  8. Ghulkin Glacier: Visit the glacier and take guided tours to understand glaciology and local life.
  9. Ganish Village: Known for its historical sites and ancient rock inscriptions, it offers a glimpse into Hunza’s past.
  10. Hussaini Suspension Bridge: An iconic suspension bridge over the Hunza River with mesmerizing views.
  11. Ultar Sar: A trekking destination for adventure enthusiasts, offering panoramic views of Hunza.
  12. Shimshal Valley: A remote and pristine valley with challenging treks and hospitable locals.
  13. Chapursan Valley: Known for its cultural diversity and unspoiled landscapes, it’s a hidden gem for trekkers.
  14. Batura Glacier: The fifth-largest glacier outside the polar regions, a trek here is an incredible experience.
  15. Baltit Village: Home to the historic Baltit Fort, this village offers insights into the local culture and architecture.