Introduction :

Unveil the ancient allure of Chaqchan Mosque, in Kapulu, Baltistan a historical gem dating back to 1370, marking the conversion from Buddhism to Islam in the region. Aptly named “The Miraculous Mosque,” it showcases a unique blend of Tibetan, Persian, and Mughal architectural styles, echoing the rich cultural transitions of the era.

Architectural Marvel:

Explore the architectural marvel of this two-story cubic complex, featuring a semi-basement and a ground floor crowned by a distinctive turret. Built with a blend of wooden slabs, clay, and mud, the mosque’s construction reflects the enduring resilience required for harsh winter conditions.

Wooden Artistry :

Chaqchan Mosque stands as a testament to the exquisite art of wood carving. The facade boasts intricate wooden jali work, showcasing the mastery of craftsmanship from a bygone era.

Tour to Chaqchan Mosque :

Skaru is the staging point for this tour. Immerse yourself in the history and architectural splendor of Chaqchan Mosque, dating back to 1370. Marvel at the unique blend of Tibetan, Persian, and Mughal styles, and explore the enduring construction techniques suited for harsh winters. Admire the exquisite wooden jali work, a testament to the craftsmanship of an ancient era.