Introduction to Daral Lake :

Discover the ethereal beauty of Daral Lake, an alpine glacial wonder tucked away in Swat Valley. Perched at a high altitude, this celestial gem allows trekkers to touch the clouds during a challenging Five-hour track from the beautiful and lush green valley of Gabina Jabba, from where the trekking begins.

Approach Trek to the Lake:

It is a continuous trekking for almost five hours up to the lake. The rugged journey unveils a giant amoeba-shaped lake in Bahrain on the foothills of Spinsar mountain, adorned by an ancient mosque, offering solace to shepherds and visitors. Nestled at an elevation of 3,505.2 meters, The Lake boasts lush green slopes, snow-capped peaks, and vibrant flower beds, sourced by nearby glaciers feeding into Daral Khwar, a tributary of the Swat River. Experience nature’s grandeur through diverse trekking routes, including the enchanting trail from Gabina Jabba.