Embark on a spiritual journey as we unravel the sacred mysteries of Bibi Pak Daman Shrine in Lahore. Literally translating to “pure lady,” the shrine holds the divine resting place of Bibi Ruqaiyyah, daughter of Hazrat Imam(AS), and five other revered ladies. Discover the historical pilgrimage from Karbala to Lahore for protection. Steeped in antiquity, the shrine’s significance is further enriched by the devout Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh. Nestled in Lahore’s Chahaal Bibian Mohallah, it transcends religious boundaries, welcoming Shias, Sunnis, and Hindus. Join the annual Urs celebration uniting all sects in homage to this timeless sanctuary.

Uncover the spiritual tapestry of Bibi Pak Daman Shrine in Lahore, a sacred haven transcending sects. Explore the history, divine tales, and annual Urs celebration in this revered pilgrimage site.