Explore the treasures of the Bahawalpur Museum in our blog. Discover a rich collection of artifacts, art, and history, and get tips for a fascinating visit.

The Bahawalpur Museum is a cultural gem in the heart of Bahawalpur Cantt and It was established in 1974. Our blog takes you on a journey through its impressive collection, showcasing historical artifacts, intricate art, and a window into the region’s heritage. Learn about the museum’s opening hours, ticket prices, and the must-see exhibits. Uncover the rich history and culture of Bahawalpur at the Museum, a fascinating destination for history enthusiasts and curious travelers. Bahawalpur Museum has the following galleries:-

  • Pakistan Movement Gallery, which comprises the modern history of Pakistan.
  • Archaeological Gallery which represents the archaeological history of the region.
  • Islamic gallery which exhibits manuscripts, inscriptions, and Quranic documents.
  • Cultural heritage of the Bahawalpur region.
  • Art and coin gallery.
  • Cholistan art and heritage.