Introduction :

Overlooking from Sarada Hill, between the Mechanical Complex and Haripur, the Bhallar Stupa stands as Taxila‘s tallest, commanding attention with its historical prominence.

History of Bhallar Stupa:

Explored by Chinese pilgrims Pa Hien and Hiuen Tsang, this sacred site is believed to be where Buddha offered his head. Dating back to the medieval period post-Hun era, it comprises a grand stupa, encircled by votive stupas, shrines, and a monastery.


Adorned with Corinthian pilasters, freezes, and dental cornices, the main stupa’s broken northern face tells tales of antiquity. Join us on a journey through time, where Kumaralabha penned his treatise on this architectural masterpiece.

Tour Plan:

If you are in Islamabad/Rawalpindi/Peshawar/Abbottabad, plan on a Sunday or any day. Pack up and take our tour guide with the necessary logistics and discover the grandeur of Bhallar Stupa, Taxila’s tallest marvel with a rich history. Uncover the tales of Buddha’s significance and the treatise of Buddhist monk Kumaralabha. Immerse yourself in the captivating details of this historic site, where every stone whispers stories of a bygone era.