A timeless heritage in the heart of Haripur, Pakistan, lies the enchanting Bhamala Stupa, a Buddhist relic dating back to the 4th century CE. This National Heritage Site on the banks of Haro River is a jewel within the expansive Bhamala Buddhist Complex, captivating visitors with its rich history.

Important Feature:

One of its most distinguished features is the awe-inspiring 1,700-year-old Buddha statue, hailed as the world’s oldest. Wander through time as we explore the sacred grounds of Bhamala, where ancient spirituality meets architectural brilliance.

Secret of Bhamala Stupa:

Discover the secrets of this revered site, echoing the whispers of centuries gone by. The stupa has a characteristic cruciform plan, with flights of stairs in the four cardinal directions, which is one of the last steps of the evolution of the Gandhara stupa

Your Tour Plan:

Gypsy Traces & Tours invites you to take a day out from Islamabad on a guided tour through time at Bhamala Stupa, Pakistan’s National Heritage Site. Delve into the 4th century CE, where the Bhamala Buddhist Complex houses the world’s oldest Buddha statue—a breathtaking testament to ancient spirituality and architectural mastery. Explore the enigmatic allure of Bhamala, where history unfolds amidst the ruins.

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