Skardu Tour 2024/2025 – Fly over the Super Mighty Himalayas and Karakorum

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Skardu Tour
Skardu Tour
Ariel View of NangaParbat
Skardu Tour
Sadpara Lake Skardu
Skardu Tour
Khapolu Fort ( Serena Hotel)
Skardu Tour
Deosai National Park ( Brown Bear Habitat)
Skardu Tour
Manthal Buddha Rock Skardu

Some historical tourist places in the Skardu Tour are the Shigar fort, Kharpocho Fort, Buddha Rock Carvings, and Chaqchan Mosque. Skardu is also known as the city of Lakes, where some beautiful lakes like Shangri-La, Satpara, and Katchura Lake are a source of entertainment for tourists.The people of Baltistan are amiable, hospitable, and rich in their unique culture. Moreover, the traditional food of Baltistan will always leave a more excellent taste in your life whenever you rewind your memory to the Skardu tour. If you’re looking for an adventure-filled getaway to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, look no further than Deosai Plains and Skardu Valley in North Pakistan.

This area is known for its dramatic mountain scenery, rushing rivers, and tranquil lakes. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale as you explore the charming villages and wander through the forests.

What’s more, this region is home to a variety of wildlife, including bears, leopards, markhor goats, and more. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you take in the stunning views.

Deosai Plains and Skardu Tour:

Deosai National Park unfolds its charm with vast plains, rolling hills, crystal-clear streams, and a thriving brown bear habitat. Lush greenery and serene ambiance make it an ideal retreat for nature lovers and photographers seeking untouched landscapes. Encounter the Siberian ibex, Snow Leopard, Kashmir Musk Deer, and a diverse array of birds, including the Golden eagle and Himalayan snowcock. Deosai shelters the endangered Brown Bear, a conservation success story with numbers increasing from 19 in 1993 to 78 in 2022.For an unforgettable experience at Deosai National Park:

  • Access: Reach via road from Skardu or Astore, securing necessary permits.
  • Best Time to Visit: April to October for favorable weather and vibrant landscapes.
  • Exploration: Engage in hiking, fishing, bird-watching, or simply bask in nature’s serenity.
  • Respect Nature: Preserve the delicate ecosystem through eco-friendly practices.

Scenic Splendor: Skardu is a visual treat, surrounded by the majestic Karakoram Range, rolling hills, and pristine lakes. The town itself is located at the confluence of the Shigar and Indus Rivers, providing stunning vistas of river valleys and lush landscapes.

Shangrila Resort: Known as the “Heaven on Earth,” Shangrila Resort is a lush oasis in the arid terrain. With its tranquil gardens, heart-shaped Shangrila Lake, and the iconic Shangrila Resort Palace, it’s a perfect place for relaxation and picnics.

Skardu Fort: Also known as Kharpocho Fort, Skardu Fort stands as a historical gem. This centuries-old fort offers a glimpse into the region’s history and culture. Climbing up to the fort provides panoramic views of Skardu tour  and the surrounding valleys.

Satpara Lake: Just a short drive from Skardu, Satpara Lake is a serene expanse of deep blue waters set against a backdrop of rugged mountains. Boating on the lake and enjoying the tranquility of the area is a popular pastime.

Local Culture: Skardu is home to the Balti people, who have a unique and rich culture. Exploring the local markets, interacting with the friendly locals, and savoring the traditional Balti cuisine is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s culture.

Hospitality during Skardu Tour: One of the standout features of Skardu is the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Whether you’re staying in a guesthouse, hotel, or camping, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and treated to Balti traditions of hospitality.

Adventure Beyond Treks: While Skardu is renowned for trekking, there are plenty of other adventurous activities to enjoy. Jeep safaris are a thrilling way to explore the rugged terrain and reach some of the more remote areas. Mountain biking, paragliding, and rock climbing are also popular among adventure enthusiasts.

Starlit Nights: When the sun sets over Skardu, a breathtaking celestial display unfolds. With minimal light pollution, the night sky is a canvas of stars, making it an ideal place for stargazing and astrophotography. In fact heaven for photographers during Skardu Tour.


  • Shangri-La Lake
  • Deosai Plains
  • Satpara Lake
  • Katchura Lake
  • Shigar fort
  • Kharpocho Fort
  • Buddha Rock Carvings
  • Chaqchan Mosque

Day 01 - Fly from Islamabad/Lahore/Karachi to Skardu and Visit Shangri-La Lake

Skardu Tour
Ariel view of NangaParbat

Ariel view of Khagan Valley with Lake Saif ul Maluk

Skardu Airport from the Cockpit

On the first day of our tour, the clients will fly from Karachi/Islamabad/ Lahore/Dubai to Skardu.  We have two types of activities, as under:-

1. Air Travel to Skardu: 

Flight experience to Skardu is unique in many ways. You fly over the Himalayan beauty (Kaghan Valley) and cross over BabuSar Top and NangaParbat. You will see the junction point of the three great mountain ranges including Karakorum, Himalaya and HinduKush. The Karakorum range from Bunji to Skaru is nature's masterpiece of art with the Indus river zigzagging along the route, Dusai plains and Skadu Valley seen from above. 

2. Activities at Skardu:

We shall move to Sadpara Lake from Skardu City, about a 20-minute drive. There is a fairy island in the middle of Sadpara Lake that one can reach by boat ride. 3 KM away from Sadpara, the ancient Buddha Rock Carving is situated. A giant Buddha figure surrounded by small Buddhisatvas is carved on a huge rock. Once our visit to Sadpara Lake and Buddha Rock Carving is completed, we shall be traveling towards Shangri-La Lake, which is a 40-minute drive from Sadpara Lake. Shangri-La Lake is surrounded by beautiful, lush green hills and tracks for trekkers. You can climb up the hills to view the beauty of Shangri-La Lake from the top.

Day 02- Visit Deosai Plains and night stay at Deosai Camp

Skardu Tour

On the 2nd day of our tour, we shall visit Deosai Plains, the highest plateau on a 4×4 vehicle with an off-road journey. On the top of this plateau, you will find rare species of animals and the highest lake. Deosai is unique in its type because one of the rarest animals ‘The brown Bear’ is found there. We will camp at Deosai plains and do three things at night.

a. Listen to the voices of the wild animals and birds.

b. Enjoy the serenity of a million galaxies in the clear blue sky.

c. Experience the freezing cold after a relatively warm sunny day.


Day 03- Deosai to Skardu and visit Kachura lake

Skardu Tour

The next day (3rd day) we shall be moving back from Deosai Plains to Skardu, where we shall have our night stay. On availability of time, we shall be visiting the local markets in Skardu city.

Day 04 - Visit and Stay at Shigar

Skardu Tour
Sarfranga Cold Desert

On day four of our tour, we shall visit the Sarfaranga Cold Desert, which is famous for its unique existence. You can do motor gliding, desert safari, and biking at Sarfaranga. After visiting the sarfaranga desert, you will visit the historical Shigar fort and Masjid Chagchan. 

Day 05- Visit and stay at Kapulu

From Shigar we will take you to the cultural hub of Baltistan, Kapulu, Ghanche District. There we will visit Chagchan Mosque, Visit  Sailing Fish Farm, Drive to Mantokha Waterfall. Explore Mantokha waterfall, visit the old Bara Village, and finally explore the master price of Balti architect the Kapulu Fort (Serena Hotel).

Day 06- Move back to Skardu

On this day we will say Good bye to Kapulu and come to Skardu. Along the way, we will stop at the junction point of River Indus and Siyok river and take some photos. After reaching Skaru and lunch we will take you to the dominating landmark of Skardu the Karpuchu Fort. From there you will have a splendid view of Skardu Valley and surrounding areas. On your way back you will stroll through the Skardu Bazar (local market) and interact with the smiling and friendly people of Skardu. At night you will have the chance to have an open-air bonfire and enjoy the cultural richness of Skardu Valley.

Day 07 - Departure for Islamabad/Lahore/Karachi /Dubai

After Breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport and take a flight to Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad/Dubai. 

  • 1. Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • 2. Hotel Accommodation at four star hotel or equivalent.
  • 3. Private Vehicle
  • 4. Services of Government Licensed Tour Guide and driver
  • 5. Basic first aid kit
  • 6. Toll Taxes
  • 7. Photography
  • 8. Complementary Lunch at a Local House with a local family
  • 9. Only Air ticket cost from Karachi is covered in the cost.
  • a. The cost difference for flight from Lahore /Islamabad will be adjusted /repaid to the client.
  • b. The cost difference between the Karachi-Skardu and Dubai-Skardu flight will be paid by the client.
  • 10. Forts, Museums, other facilities Entry Tickets
  • 1. Extra expenses due to landslides\road blocks\Snow Fall
  • 2. Personal Expenses of any nature
  • 3. Any item not mentioned in services will be considered as not included

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