Established in 1984 over four acres, the Dhodial Pheasantry has blossomed into an eight-acre sanctuary. Initiated by the Department of Wildlife, its primary goal is to showcase the diverse pheasant species found in Pakistan. Housing 31 species, including six indigenous ones like kaleej and monal pheasants.

Habitat Education:

The facility contributes to conservation, education, and research. Proximity to Hazara University allows student engagement and guided trips offer immersive experiences. The pheasantry, equipped with an information center, emphasizes awareness through various materials. A vigilant veterinary doctor ensures the well-being of these magnificent birds, fostering an environment conducive to growth and sustainability.

Tour Attractions at Dhodial Pheasantry:

Discover the NWFP Pheasantry, a haven for diverse pheasant species in Pakistan. Explore its role in conservation, education, and research. Guided trips and an information center provide immersive experiences. Engage with awareness materials and support pheasant rearing for a sustainable environment.