Dhamraha jo Daro, a crucial site of the Indus Valley Civilization, lies near Dhamraha village, its colossal mounds still veiled in the grime of the sands. Situated 7 to 8 miles from Badah city, on the road to Bothro village, this archaeological treasure trove is 15 kilometers from Mohenjo Daro.

Exploration of Dhamrao jo Daro:

Named by Mr. N.J. Mujamdar in “Exploration in Sindh,” these mounds, spanning a kilometer, reveal artifacts from the Buddhist period. Coins, terracotta pieces, bronze toys, and Kali Mata statues have been unearthed, providing a glimpse into this ancient civilization.

Tour Attraction:

Explore the mysteries of Dhamrao jo Daro, an Indus Valley Civilization site near Badah city. Uncover relics from the Buddhist era and artifacts like bronze coins, terracotta pieces, and Kali Mata statues. Join us in unveiling the secrets buried beneath the mounds.