Located at the foothills of the picturesque Murree Hills, Chattar Adventure Park is set to reopen its doors with a revamped allure. Our tour unveils the excitement within the park’s secure premises, featuring unprecedented adventures and experiences.

Facilities at Chattar Park:

Conveniently located off Murree Road, this beautiful park boasts outdoor activities, high-end restaurants, a zoo, water pools, and more. From roller coasters to hiking trails, it caters to all age groups and interests. Discover the unparalleled charm of this 100 Kanal wonder, promising entertainment for everyone.

Tour Features:

Chattar Park in Islamabad, nestled among the scenic Murree Hills, is set to thrill visitors with revamped adventures. From rides to restaurants, a zoo, and water pools, this huge park caters to diverse interests and age groups. It promises secure fun with a touch of natural beauty. Get ready for an unparalleled experience in this grand adventure park, offering excitement and entertainment for all.