Introduction to Bashkiri Lakes:

Located 40km from Gilgit, and accessible by Naltar Express Way, Naltar Valley unfolds a tapestry of pine forests, wildlife, and awe-inspiring mountain vistas. Thanks to the Government, communication now weaves seamlessly through this picturesque landscape.

Naltur Ski Resort:

Managed by the Ski Federation of Pakistan, Naltar boasts ski lifts that promise an adrenaline-pumping experience against a backdrop of majestic mountains.

Lakes Defined:

Transport from Gilgit to Naltar Valley is available at Gilgit or Nomal, offering a gateway to three captivating Lakes at altitudes of 3,050–3,150 meters. Each lake showcases nature’s artistry as under:-

  • Bashkiri Lake I is also called Satrangi Lake (seven Colors): with green water
  • Bashkiri Lake II is also called Blue Lake: with blue water
  • Bashkiri Lake III is also called Azure Hues Lake. with water azure hue color
Special Attraction:

The Three Lakes, situated 12 kilometers from Upper Naltar, reveals its pristine beauty amidst dense pine forests. The dirt road alongside a streaming valley provides a scenic journey, with May to October marking the ideal window to witness these natural wonders.

Plan Your Tour:

Discover Bashkiri Lakes in Naltar Valley, a wilderness retreat 40km from Gilgit. Jeep rides, Ski Federation adventures, and three stunning lakes await, each a canvas of nature’s artistry. Experience the beauty from May to October, as winter brings heavy snow, making the lakes a tranquil secret hidden beneath the white.