Introduction to “What to Do in Sialkot” :

What to do in Sialkot? Sialkot, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving sports manufacturing industry, welcomes foreign tourists with open arms. As you venture into the heart of Pakistan’s craftsmanship and sportsmanship, this guide will lead you through the top activities and attractions in Sialkot. Immerse yourself in the city’s unique blend of tradition and modernity while adhering to “Gypsy Safety and Security” guidelines.

1. Explore the Historic Iqbal Manzil

Embark on your Sialkot journey by visiting the historic Iqbal Manzil, the birthplace of Allama Iqbal, a renowned poet, philosopher, and politician. Wander through the well-preserved house, filled with memorabilia and artifacts, and gain insights into the life and contributions of this national poet.

2. Visit the Iconic Sialkot Clock Tower

Experience the charm of Sialkot’s bustling bazaars by starting your exploration at the iconic Clock Tower. A symbol of the city’s historic significance, this area is a vibrant marketplace where traditional crafts, textiles, and local flavors come to life. Dive into the lively atmosphere and interact with local artisans.

3. Immerse Yourself in the Sports Manufacturing Industry

Sialkot is renowned worldwide for its sports manufacturing industry, producing high-quality sports equipment for various disciplines. Take a guided tour of the manufacturing hubs, witnessing the craftsmanship behind cricket bats, soccer balls, and other sports gear. Gain a unique insight into the precision and dedication that goes into each product.

4. Marvel at the Uggoki Grand Trunk Road Bridge

For a glimpse into Sialkot’s architectural history, visit the Uggoki Grand Trunk Road Bridge. Dating back to the British era, this bridge showcases colonial-era engineering. Stroll along the bridge, admire its design, and capture the picturesque views of the Chenab River flowing beneath.

5. Discover Traditional Sialkoti Crafts

Explore the traditional craftsmanship of Sialkot by visiting local artisans and workshops. From intricate hand-embroidery to delicate woodwork, the city is a treasure trove of traditional crafts. Engage with skilled craftsmen, learn about their techniques, and perhaps take home a unique handcrafted souvenir.

6. Attend a Local Kabaddi Match

Experience the thrill of Kabaddi, a traditional South Asian sport, by attending a local match in Sialkot. Cheer on the players and immerse yourself in the passion and energy of this dynamic game. Kabaddi matches often showcase the strong sporting spirit that defines Sialkot.

7. Visit the Sialkot Fort

Explore the historic Sialkot Fort, a structure that has witnessed the city’s evolution over the centuries. Though much of the fort is in ruins, its remnants offer a glimpse into Sialkot’s military history and strategic importance. The fort’s location provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

8. Indulge in Sialkoti Cuisine

Savor the unique flavors of Sialkoti cuisine by trying local delicacies. From street food like golgappay (pani puri) to traditional dishes like Sialkoti Biryani, the city’s culinary scene is a delightful journey for your taste buds. Visit local eateries to enjoy the warmth of Sialkot’s hospitality while relishing authentic flavors.


In conclusion, Sialkot invites foreign tourists to explore its cultural heritage, sports manufacturing prowess, and traditional craftsmanship. From historic sites to vibrant bazaars and sports facilities, each moment promises a unique and immersive experience. Plan wisely, and let Sialkot’s charm and hospitality leave an indelible mark on your travel memories.

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Immerse yourself in the cultural and sporting wonders of Sialkot! Discover the top activities for foreign tourists, from exploring sports manufacturing hubs to experiencing traditional craftsmanship. Plan your unforgettable journey with our comprehensive guide. Hope and wish now you know, what to do in Sialkot.