The Diamer-Bhasha Dam, a colossal concrete-filled gravity dam, is poised to redefine Pakistan‘s landscape. Nestled between Kohistan and Diamer districts, it’s a mega multi-purpose project on the Indus River.

Diamer-Bhasha Dam Sight Details:

Towering at 272m, it’s among the world’s tallest dams, symbolizing a $14bn investment by Pakistan’s WAPDA. With a 4.5GW power capacity, it ensures energy security and addresses water storage needs. Construction started in 2020, aiming for completion in 2029. The dam’s vast reservoir, located 315km upstream of Tarbela Dam, promises flood mitigation and prosperity for the Gilgit-Baltistan province.

Tour Attractions:

Explore the monumental Diamer-Bhasha Dam sight, a game-changer in Pakistan’s development. Learn about its colossal stature, power generation, and water storage capabilities. Follow the journey of this mega-dam, set to reshape the nation’s future by 2029.