Living in the annals of time, Taxila unfolds its historical tapestry through the Dharmarajika Stupa, colloquially known as Chir Tope. This circular marvel, encircled by chapels, exhibits diverse masonry styles, indicative of contributions across epochs.

A Journey Through Times
  • A silver scroll, etched in Kharoshti.
  • A golden casket housing Buddha’s relics was unearthed, bearing an inscription from 136 BCE, a gift to the Kushana King.
  • Adjacent to this Buddhist sanctuary, the Jandial Temple rises on an artificial mound, mirroring Greek classical temples with its imposing Ionic columns.
Dharmarajika Stupa a Seat of Learning

Beyond its political significance, Taxila emerges as a center of learning. Unlike conventional universities, preceptors housed pupils, fostering education through cash or service. Buddhist monasteries, too, nurtured scholars. Join us in unraveling Taxila’s multifaceted past, where history, culture, and spirituality converge.

Tour Attractions:

With our trained tour guide, uncover the mystique of Taxila with our journey through the Dharmarajika Stupa’s circular marvel, adorned with silver scrolls and Buddha’s relics. Discover the classical allure of the Jandial Temple and delve into Taxila’s educational legacy, where preceptors nurtured scholars in a unique cultural tapestry.