Nestled 6,500 feet above sea level, Dasht-e-Laila emerges as Swat Valley‘s newest tourist haven. Just 35 km from Mingora, this picturesque destination offers panoramic views of five districts, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes of Valley Asbanr. Located on the Swat-Lower Dir border, Dasht-e-Laila captivates visitors with its allure, drawing crowds in both winter, adorned with snow, and summer, boasting a pleasant climate for picnics. Explore the seamless blend of nature’s wonders and local charm at this unique spot that unveils the beauty of both Lower Dir and Swat districts.

Explore Dasht-e-Laila, the hidden gem of Swat. Witness breathtaking views of five districts, making it a perfect winter retreat with snowfall and a cool summer picnic spot. Uncover the scenic beauty on the Swat-Lower Dir border at this enchanting destination in Valley Asbanr.