Explore the enchanting haven of Changa Manga Forest Park, meticulously maintained by the Punjab Forest Department, Kasur. A rare gem for outdoor recreation in Pakistan, this park attracts a diverse crowd, offering a refreshing escape from the daily grind. Changa Manga, established in 1860, covers about 5000 hectares and is said to be one of the oldest hand-planted forests in the world. Named after two brothers “Changa” and “Manga” who were Robinhood of the area.

Recreational Delights:

Discover an array of recreational facilities, from boating on Lunar Lake to picnicking on lush lawns. Changa Manga boasts a mini zoo, suspension bridges, a swimming pool, and more, all nestled within the natural beauty of the forest. Tramways connect wildlife parks, adding a touch of adventure.

Facilities at Changa Manga Forest Park:

While offering log houses, jogging tracks, and a cafeteria, financial constraints have impacted maintenance standards. Yet, the park remains a popular destination, providing a retreat for visitors with a motel and forest rest houses.

Tour D’Changa Manga

Escape to the lush haven of Changa Manga Park, a cherished outdoor retreat in Pakistan just 75 km from Lahore. Unwind with recreational delights with our tour guide like boating, a mini zoo, and suspension bridges. Despite maintenance challenges, the park continues to allure with log houses, jogging tracks, and more. A green oasis for all, offering a perfect blend of nature and recreation.