Discover the natural beauty of Buddo Island and Bundal Island, including their ecological importance as breeding grounds for Green Turtles and bird sanctuaries, as well as the marine life they host. This hidden treasure at the western end of the Sindh Coastal Zone is a must-visit destination!

Introduction to Buddo Island

In September 2006, the Pakistan government approved the ambitious development of an Island City on Dingi (Buddo) and Bhunddar (Bundal) Islands, with an estimated cost of $43.135 billion. The project, spanning 13 years, was to be undertaken by the Dubai-based company ‘Emmar,’ which planed to create a bustling metropolis on these islands, spanning over 12,000 acres. This project is stalled due to some political reasons.

The Island’s Geographical Wonders:

Buddo Island is uninhabited and the total area is 60 km (37 mi). On the island, a dense Tamer forest is present. Whereas Bundal Island, is one of the largest and highest islands along the Sindh Coast, stretches about 8 kilometers in length. Its width varies, reaching approximately 4 kilometers in the north and 1 kilometer in the south. The island features shifting sand dunes, some towering up to 3 meters in height. The northern part of the island is submerged at high tide and adorned with dense mangroves at its extreme northern tip.

Ecological Significance:

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has declared this island as a high-priority area (HPA) due to its ecological significance. These islands are not only breeding grounds for Green Turtles but also serve as a sanctuary for resident and migratory bird species along the Indus Flyway. The surrounding marine waters are frequented by bottlenose and humpback dolphins, adding to the islands’ natural allure.

Future Prospects

The proposed Island City development aims to strike a balance between modern infrastructure and the preservation of these precious ecosystems, creating a destination that blends nature and urban living.

As the project unfolds over the coming years, the islands of Buddo and Bundal will transform into a vibrant and sustainable community, offering a unique and harmonious coexistence of modern living and the preservation of their rich natural heritage. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the evolution of this hidden paradise on Pakistan’s horizon. We at “Gypsy Traces &Tours” will be more than happy to plan your tour to these twin islands off the cost of Karachi.