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Khewra Salt Mine Khewra Salt Mine Khewra Salt Mine
Prepare to embark on a truly unique adventure with our exclusive Khewra Salt Mine Tour, an exploration that promises to unveil the wonders hidden beneath the earth’s surface. Nestled in the foothills of the Salt Range in Punjab, Pakistan, the Khewra Salt Mine stands as a testament to the marvels of nature and human ingenuity, offering visitors a journey through time and geology.
As you venture into the depths of the mine, guided by our expert tour leaders, you’ll be awestruck by the sheer scale and beauty of the underground caverns. Carved over centuries by the relentless forces of nature, these caverns showcase stunning salt formations in shades of pink, white, and amber, creating an otherworldly landscape that seems straight out of a fairy tale.
Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the labyrinthine passages of the mine, sharing captivating stories of its history, geology, and cultural significance. Learn about the ancient techniques used by miners to extract salt from the earth, and marvel at the innovative methods that have sustained this industry for generations.
As you explore the mine’s various chambers, you’ll encounter a wealth of breathtaking attractions, including the awe-inspiring Badshahi Mosque, a stunning replica of the famous mosque in Lahore crafted entirely from salt. Marvel at the intricate salt sculptures, chandeliers, and monuments that adorn the caverns, each one a testament to the skill and artistry of the miners who shaped them.
But the Khewra Salt Mine isn’t just a geological wonder—it’s also a place of healing and rejuvenation, thanks to its unique therapeutic properties. Take a deep breath of the pure, salty air, believed to have beneficial effects on respiratory health, and immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this subterranean sanctuary.
As you emerge from the depths of the mine, blinking in the sunlight, you’ll carry with you memories of an unforgettable journey into the heart of the earth. Let our Khewra Salt Mine Tour be your gateway to an experience that’s both awe-inspiring and enriching, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.


  • Departure from Islamabad:
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  • Embark on a journey from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, to the Khewra Salt Mine, located in the foothills of the Salt Range in Punjab. As you leave behind the city's urban sprawl, you'll soon find yourself surrounded by the scenic landscapes of the Punjab region.
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  • Arrival at Khewra Salt Mine:

Day 1- Kewra Salt Mines Tour

Khewra Salt Mine Exploration:
Led by knowledgeable guides, embark on a guided tour of the salt mine, delving deep into its underground caverns and passages. As you descend into the mine's depths, you'll be mesmerized by the stunning salt formations that line the walls, ranging in color from pale white to vibrant shades of pink and amber.
One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the majestic Badshahi Mosque, a breathtaking structure crafted entirely from salt. Marvel at the intricate details of the mosque's architecture, including its delicate carvings and ornate chandeliers, all made from the very substance that surrounds you.
Historical Background:
The Khewra Salt Mine has played a significant role in the history and economy of the region for centuries. Salt has been mined here since ancient times, with the mine's strategic location along trade routes contributing to its importance. Over the years, the mine has been under the control of various rulers and empires, each leaving their mark on its history.
During the British colonial period, the mine saw significant development and modernization, with the construction of tunnels, shafts, and infrastructure to facilitate salt extraction. Today, the Khewra Salt Mine remains a vital part of Pakistan's economy, supplying salt for various industrial, culinary, and medicinal purposes.
Lunch at Khewra:
After your exploration of the salt mine, take a break to enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant near the mine. Indulge in traditional Pakistani cuisine, savoring the flavors of the region while taking in the serene surroundings.
Return Journey to Islamabad:
Bid farewell to the Khewra Salt Mine and begin your journey back to Islamabad, reflecting on the wonders you've encountered during the day. As you travel through the picturesque landscapes of Punjab, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the region and the rich history that surrounds you.

  • 1. Transport: Private car/ Van/ Coach
  • 2. English speaking guide (other language guides can be made available with extra cost)
  • 3. Lunch: Pakistani dishes.
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  • 5. Mineral water
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